Exterior Materials

Fibrocem is a cement-based compound and has a similar finish to cement. A series of fibers contained within the compound eliminates the need for steel reinforcement, making it lighter to use than cement, more durable, and easier to cut. Fibrocem is extremely durable, it has a high resistance to impact and is resistant to air-borne pollutants.

Jesmonite is lightweight, durable gypsum and acrylic compound. For the architect / designer Jesmonite provides an number of advantages. It’s excellent strength to weight ratio means that it is both lightweight and durable. It is flame resistant, resistant to impact and has an unlimited range of architectural finishes such as natural stone, plaster or slate. It has the added advantage of being non-toxic.

Fibreglass is extremely light and durable. As with jesmonite a number of different finishes are attainable with fibreglass.

Exterior Surrounds for doors and windows can be custom-made or run from a range of standard profiles.